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Majority get their visa approved while few are left behind in the queue waiting for the approval or disapproval of their visa application. Operations Research Analyst for an Energy Company An employer changed its ownership and corporate structure partway through the employee’s initial H-1B, but did not file an amended case. The Capitol Immigration Law Group PLLC is an award-winning boutique law firm based in Washington, DC specializing exclusively in U. USCIS said that an H1B job is not a specialty occupation only if the employer alone thinks so unless it can be proved on paper. ” There has not been any formal policy 1. Most Common H1B RFE Reasons February 16, 2018 by Beeraj Patel, Esq. We must understand that the clause of wage level 1 is not introduced now. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) appears to have begun to take a far less favorable view of expert opinion letters submitted to evidence that a position indicated in an H1B petition qualifies as a “specialty occupation. immigration authorities will not deny a case without providing plenty of advance warning and a chance to correct the problems. If your employer has submitted an H-1B petition to USCIS, the agency will likely issue a request for evidence (RFE) before a denial. 2 percent. com, please fill out an application form, or contact us on: I am currently on H4 visa, my I-140 got approved in Aug2017 and I had some few weeks left on my orginal H1b, based on which my company filed for change of status and H1 extension in Sept2017. clock is ticking and I am close to 240 days period. The time given to respond to an RFE is generally 87 days. The RFE can consist of several pages of objections. 天地良心啊,不是皮包公司,不是ICC,怎么还要RFE。 心里极度郁闷,不知道什么时候才能最终拿到工作签证。-----话说得知uscis RFE的内容是specialty occupation之后,立马参与了公司与律师的每一次电话讨论,自己帮着准备材料,边时不时催公司的人准备。 Why Specialty Occupation Plays important role in H1b Decision Making? As we all know that h1b is a specialty occupation Visa which is awarded to the people who are experts in a particular skill and there is scarcity of that skill in USA. This response is a way for them to garner further information from you to aid them in In recent months, the U. For this reason, we advise our clients and readers to be very careful this H-1B season and be mindful of the challenges they may face as they proceed with the H-1B visa process. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director L. They did not share any details on the reason for RFE or denial. 385. If you would like to apply for an H-1B visa through workpermit. Francis Aug. v. immigration and nationality law. Thanks a lot josedai and solta bros for your insights and suggestions. Overview II. It is normally issued for three years, with a possibility of a three-year extension. [1] The Buy American, Hire American Executive Order, issued by the Trump administration to, “ promote economic growth, create good jobs at decent wages…create higher wages and employment rates for workers in the United States…” For any H-1B visa to be approved, each applicant must be employed in a “specialty occupation,” and the employer agrees to remain in an employer-employee relationship with the visa holder for the duration of the visa’s validity period. Requests for Evidence – The H-1B Specialty Occupation Requirement By Daniel Carpenter, Esq. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued a Request for Evidence (RFE) in that case asking the employer to submit additional evidence to establish that the position offered qualified as a specialty occupation. AILAs analysis of 187 RFE examples show that ^Level 1 RFEs for Job Zone 4 occupations tend to challenge whether the position is a specialty occupation or whether a Level 1 LCA is appropriate, while It has been seen in the increased number of Requests for Evidence (RFEs) challenging the paying of Level 1 wages, even though employers have legitimately offered positions to entry-level workers under the H-1B visa program. At USCES. Specialty occupation means an occupation which requires theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge in fields of human endeavor including, but not limited to, architecture, engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, social sciences, medicine and health, education, business specialties, accounting, law, theology, and the arts, and which requires the The number of H-1B petitions approved increased 5. Recent H-1B success stories. Employers' ‘Specialty Occupation’ Dilemma: Why an H-1B Lottery Win Isn't a Free Pass By Laura D. Two of the most common H1B denial reason is Employer Employee Relationship Clause and H1B Speciality Occupation Services. 21 — Employers and practitioners often lament the H-1B cap and the need for a lottery when U. - HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY OVERCOME USCIS' WAGE LEVEL I AND SPECIALTY OCCUPATION REQUEST FOR Evidence of the specialty occupation and the applicant’s eligibility. H4 and H1B Visa Holders has 6,043 members. The H1B visa is a temporary visa that is granted to non-immigrants with specialty occupation. What is a “specialty occupation?” Introduction The immigration law defines a specialty occupation as one that requires the attainment of a Bachelor’s or higher degree – or its equivalent – in a specialized field. The RFE says speciality occupation - - Answered by a verified Immigration Lawyer A U. Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing Service (optional) If the job itself qualifies as a “specialty occupation” and the applicant is sufficiently qualified, a potential employer may petition for the H-1B on behalf of the foreign national. Specialty occupation RFE and Approval. The two most common types of Requests for Evidence on H-1B’s, are (1) Is this job a Specialty Occupation? And (2) Does the employer have control over the employee? From the above definition of specialty occupation, two major issues arise. Francis Cissna recently implemented a new policy memo that specifically instructs all USCIS officers not to give deference to any previously I received an RFE during H1B transfer. If the USCIS concludes that a given position is not in a specialty occupation, the employer’s H-1B petition will be denied. a specialty occupation or wage level RFE, I'd like to share a recent approval that  USCIS may issue an RFE if the employer failed to establish that the To qualify as a specialty occupation, the position must meet one of the following to approve the petition to approve after submitting the RFE documents? Jan 17, 2018 more Requests for Evidence (“RFE”), particularly for H-1B petitions that Pursuant to 8 CFR § 214. By: Shah Peerally Esq. Despite the wage challenges, a well-crafted response can overcome the suspicion that an entry-level 1 wage cannot be Some of the H1B petitions are denied by USCIS, it could be for a variety of reasons. The H-1B Visa for Professionals . and internationally. Typically, U. Practice Pointer: Responding to H-1B Requests for Evidence (RFEs) Raising Level 1 or Level 2 Wage Issues. After your H1B visa petition is filed and you receive the I-797 Receipt Notice with your Receipt Number, you check your online case status and find the dreaded Request for Evidence (RFE) notification: “On July 15, 2018, we mailed a notice requesting additional evidence or information in this case I-129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. S. H1B RFE for Specialty occupation (Consular Processing). Specialty Occupation If it is not clear to CIS that your client’s job is a specialty occupation – one that requires a minimum of US bachelor’s degree or its foreign equivalent – this is the kind of RFE that will be issued. Watch this thread Start a new thread Add a post × Please submit your thread title I have received an RFE with a reason "Specialty occupation". Fax: 866. An immigration attorney with experience and knowledge of the H-1B classification and current trends can help make sure that you submit the strongest response possible. If you, or if your employee or client received an H-1B RFE this year, there is a high probability that is was a specialty occupation RFE. in the coming weeks. Oct 16, 2018 A “specialty occupation” requires the theoretical and practical USCIS reopened and approved the H-1B petition before even filing an answer  Apr 15, 2012 Receiving an RFE after you have submitted your H-1B petition can be a very your application can still be approved after providing the necessary To qualify as a “specialty occupation,” the job must meet at least *one* of  Feb 10, 2015 The most common H work visa is the H-1B which is for “specialty occupations. The Verdict. my company is writing a letter to USCIS to withdraw H1 petitions which were approved in past but are not working any more for our company. we are submitting website material, services performed by our employees for different clients with time duration. You will see 4 wage levels. I have applied change of status from F1 to H4 for my wife and it is currently under process. This can include violations of immigration or civil law by either you or your employer prior to your H-1B transfer petition. Sample H1B RFE Response for In-House Employment – Client Projects Copy of signed Employment Agreement between you and beneficiary detailing the terms and conditions of employment. , Also join below Visa renewal stamping group H1B Visa Jobs / Professions / Occupations Types of Jobs and Professions that qualify for the H1B Visa Program Below is a list of all the Jobs / Occupations that qualify to get issued an H1B visa (they are Not listed in any specific preference or order) July 21 2015 – We congratulate the team especially Medya Ansari for answering a difficult request for evidence (RFE) case. Introduction The H-1B is a nonimmigrant visa for certain professional workers, permitting full-time or part-time employment in the U. Below are four common RFEs you need to know about because it is likely the RFE your client received is one of them. Hello all, I received an RFE for Specialty Occupation in the first week of September. Response to RFE: July 26th, 2018. 800. 9541. The goal is either to prove that this particular occupation is uniquely specialized as to require an advanced degree, or that the candidate’s degree equivalency meets the educational requirements stated for the OOH job indicated on the LCA. Written by Henry J. Applications. Could someone share a sample document to help me prepare a response. ” Specialty occupation means an occupation which requires  H-1 B specialty occupation has been a hot topic in U. federal district court recently ruled on a case involving an issue that is a vital component of every H1B petition. We sent the USCIS our response long before the deadline. net developer. H-1B Status for Specialty Occupations. The email i received was from my employer’s Immigration department asked for 4 details. Please note, this is just a suggestion of speciality occupations you can apply for under the H-1B visa. I am a Masters student with science background and filled as a In-house project as i did not have a job. The case facts: A Computer System Analyst received a specialty occupation RFE with a level 1 wage issue. Background: B. Just out of curiosity I would like to ask is there anyone who got the approval after receiving this type of RFE for CAP 2018? ABC sought the part-time services of Amy, the beneficiary, as a Market Research Analyst for a period of 3 years. U. USCIS Reasons for H1B RFE: Speciality Occupation, Employer-Employee Relationship, Availability of Work (Off-site), Qualifications, Status violation, In house project. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) implemented a rule that has great significance and restricts some types of Companies from hiring and sponsoring H1B workers and filing H1B visas. Select the County, Select the Occupation, click Search, (note that H-1B Occupations should have an O*Net™ JobZone of 4 or higher. 10 Points to remember when answering a RFE (Request for Evidence) from USCIS (Immigration Services) A Request for Evidence (RFE) is a common tool used by the USCIS (Immigration services) to ask for additional proof in order to make a decision on your case. Please let me know if you know of anyone who got RFE on specialty occupation (for IT project manager) and got approved? If so, please provide some guidance on how to document this? thank you. 7. 1409 15970 W. This group for RFE supporting info, discussions, approvals etc. New recruits who have a degree from an accredited college or university must demonstrate that the proposed position he/she intends to fill qualifies as a specialty occupation and that he/she is qualified for that position. This means that the DOL considers that position to be a Specialty Occupation). ” New H1b RFE for specialty occupation: The following is what they requesting 1) Detailed job description, % spent on each duty, degree reqd for each duty & organization chart. 771. org, we provide expert opinion letters to respond to USCES H1B Request for Evidence (RFE). SOC code is 15-1132 and wage level is 4. Upon receiving it, the immigration lawyer must meticulously strategize a response in conjunction with the client. The number of H-1B petitions approved increased 5. 9 percent from 345,262 in FY 2016 to 365,682 in FY 2017. Can you please share the doc the you submitted. However, you can apply for any position so long as it meets the qualifications of a speciality occupation. What shoul i respond? How can i relate my PGDM degree for BA position while responding to h1b under speciality occupation? What are my chances of approval for H1B specialty occupation RFE for management analyst ? H1 transfer RFE for specialty occupation Hi got a rfe, can u suggest best way to reply to the below: Speciality Occupation You have submitted a brief description of the job duties with your initial filing: however the description submitted does not satisfactorily estabish that the position qualifies as a speciality occupation:submit: 1. even if employer provide these details do they consider? is anybody have this issue As the H1-B season approaches, petitioners are gearing up towards filing for H1-B visa. I've got the 2nd H1B RFE of speciality occupation. Please note that the percentages chart begins from week 40, keeping October 01 in mind as start date, please edit accordingly. Chang. 1 This number does not reflect approval versus denial rates but rather shows the number of approved petitions overall this year versus the number approved last year. Copy of an employment offer letter that clearly describes the nature of the employer-employee relationship and the services to be performed by the beneficiary. Prior to the American Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act of 1998 ("ACWIA"), which was enacted on October 21, 1998, H-1B numbers were limited to an annual cap of 65,000. To share some hope and show that there is chance to overcome a specialty occupation or wage level RFE, I'd like to share a recent approval that I helped one  Mar 29, 2018 I recently got RFE for speciality occupation for a Senior Firmware Engineer a few systems engineers at dell got the same RFE and approved. The Speciality Occupation Of The Employer’s Business Does Not Match With The Applicants Qualifying Degree. Only RFE my employer seems to have doubt about is the Wage Level I which i also got. In such instances, the H1B RFE may ask for clarification of how the role relates to the degree subject. Chances of H1B approval following an rfe is good depending upon the initial filing and rfe response. H1B Approved and you live outside the United States . What are the chances or Approval in my case ? I had a valid H1B until 2019 with company A (Consulting Company) now I moved to company B ( Our readers and clients who have been involved in the H-1B program over the last couple of years (and especially those participating in the H-1B cap filing season) must have experienced or at least heard about the Wage Level I requests for evidence (RFE) which have been and continue to be issued by USCIS. In this video, a brief explanation of how the petition was approved is provided. USCIS strictly makes sure that the consultant really comes under specialty Occupation. . Eric Holder, the court determined that 5 Strategies on H-1B Level 1 Wage Requests for Evidence September 15, 2017 With the beginning of Fiscal Year 2018 rapidly approaching, those who were approved under the FY 2018 H-1B lottery should be excited to start (or continue) employment in the U. This video goes over your RFE, and the things you will need to gather to submit your letter. i have been waiting for my extension last 8 month and finally they put a RFE. The volume of requests for evidence increased significantly and USCIS began to be more demanding in the types of documentation requested to qualify for the program. But my petition got denied after a specialty occupation RFE, I am yet to receive the exact reasons for denial. May 29, 2019 Background of the Specialty Occupation RFE made in an initial filing and during an RFE response to make the case and obtain an approval. 2(h)(4)(iii)(A) a specialty occupation is one that individual arguments and submissions resulted in an approval, we do  Our panel of experts will focus on the latest H-1B RFE trends immigration Effectively Establishing That a Position Qualifies as a “Specialty Occupation”  Jan 28, 2019 that the agency had previously approved four petitions filed on behalf of To qualify as a “specialty occupation,” a job must satisfy any one of  Jan 23, 2017 Our thoughts on RFE trends are listed below, along with redacted versions of such RFE's. it said I need to be licensed to practice Commerical interior designer in my state, but actually we don't need to if I don't issue and sign drawings, and I work for an architect firm that I under a licensed architect. But as someone who lived in the US for several years on multiple visas (including H1b) I would advise any prospective international student to think carefully before applying to any US school about Plan B and Plan C options if they do not get an H1B Visa post-MBA. ” How is your immigration attorney replying to H1B Specialty occupation RFE? What data points are you presenting to USCIS to prove that your job is a specialty occupation? Did anyone get their 797 aproval notice after Specialty occupation RFE? No, but it requires answering the RFE with a lot of evidence, documentation, citations, and analysis. An RFE delays the H-1B decision by several weeks or months and increases stress for both the petitioner and beneficiary seeking the H-1B status or visa. It has been since ages but paid deaf ear or put aside based on economic needs. 4723 954. July 21 2015 – We congratulate the team especially Medya Ansari for answering a difficult request for evidence (RFE) case. But what is a specialty occupation? According to the Code of Federal Regulation, a specialty occupation requires: H1B Speciality Occupation RFE Response Our readers and clients who have been involved in the H-1B program and especially over the last 12+ months must have experienced or at least heard about the “specialty occupation” requests for evidence (RFE) and H1B Denials which have been and continue to be issued by USCIS. • Version three combines both issues. This is my first extension done after my first 3 year visa expiring in Aug 17 . Background & Legal Framework IV. degree or higher in the specialty occupation, and have recognition of  How is your immigration attorney replying to H1B Specialty occupation RFE? . Employed by a big-4 tech consulting firm. 1 The number of H-1B petitions approved in FY 2017 for workers between the ages of 25 and 34 was 66. Approval: July  Apr 5, 2018 The H-1B Request for Additional Evidence (RFE) has long been a frustratingly reliable staple of the application h1b rfe specialty occupation  Apr 2, 2019 While these regulations are pretty much set in stone, the approval of a “specialty occupation” typically comes down to the judgment of the  Apr 5, 2019 Specialty Occupation "Approval or denial often comes down to a judgment call by the Experience is generally documented through letters from past employers and an RFE may be issued if the experience letters used for  When the right expert writes a detailed letter, the Specialty Occupation RFE is overturned and the visa is approved. If you find your H-1B transfer denied after your LCA has been approved, then this may be an issue with how you have maintained your status in the past. ” In the case at hand, CareMax Inc. RFE Discussions has 14,571 members. The H1B classification is only appropriate for positions that qualify as “specialty occupations. The chances for certain applicants to face the H1B rejection keeps the applicant nail-biting until the result are announced. Like this thread 3 0. USCIS may take issue where the employee holds a degree – and in doing so satisfies the qualification requirement – but the qualification is in a field that is different or perceivably unrelated to the speciality occupation. Approximately how much time can it take to receive an approval ? 2. first RFE is 1. H1B Employer-Employee Relationship Rule How the rule affects H1B visa sponsorship and filing this year The U. The figures for Fiscal Year 2012, include 45,595 H-1B RFE UPDATE: How to Deal with the Specialty Occupation RFE and how to deal with the Level I Wage RFE. Hi, I too got the same RFE. I. 585. Applied for I140 in Feb 17 and got the approved I140 in Sep 17 (now the I140 has been approved > 6 months). Beginning June 2017, the legal community began to notice an unprecedented pattern of requests for evidence (RFEs) being issued in adjudication of H-1B specialty occupation petitions. RFE to prove Specialty Occupation. When the WRONG expert writes it, even if the  Timely Filed H-1B Cap-Subject Petition + Complete Response to RFE = A U. We timely answered to the Request for More Evidence (RFE) and the case was approved one week after! Here are some of the pointers we used in our RFE response. The case came to us after client received a huge RFE because his degree did not relate to his occupation and also because the USCIS claims it is not an specialty occupation for an H1B. Hello everyone - I need some information on COS. Number of H-1B Numbers Available Annually. Two Most Common H-1B RFE Issues. If your H-1B visa petition is approved with COS, and you live in the USA (F-1 visa to H-1B, L-1 to H-1B, L-2 to H-1B, H4 to H-1B, etc. We highlighted the fact that the position of a computer systems analyst met more than one of the H-1B requirements for a specialty occupation. 1. 6. To cover RFE 4. USCIS is saying how is the entry level job an speciality occupation. Responding to the RFE can take several hours, and at times days on end. It is becoming more common for USCIS to issue RFEs on the basis that the proffered position is not a specialty occupation. The number of H-1B petitions approved in FY 2017 for workers with a bachelor’s degree was 45. > What Are the Reasons That the USCIS Might Deny Your H1B Visa Petition? If you have located a sponsor for an H1B visa and they have a position that seems to match your skills and education, then you still have to go through the approval process for the petition. Oh that's understand. Thus, for the above reasons, the petition cannot be approved. Over the last year, we have seen a marked increase in the number of Requests for Evidence (“RFEs”), Notices of Intent to Deny (“NOIDs”),issued on H-1B petitions based on USCIS’ assertion that the position does not qualify as a “Specialty Occupation” position. evidence pertaining to the petitioner (business license, company profile, quarterly wage reports, w2 tax and wages, lease agreement) 2. H1B RFE Wage Level 1 Approval Story 9/28/2017 USCIS has finally issued a decision on an H1B petition where we were challenged on the validity of selecting wage level 1. I have applied for my H1B this year and received and RFE. Is my answer "BEST ANSWER" and/or  Mar 9, 2018 Specialty occupation: H-1B guidelines specify that the visa is only The process of getting a case approved after an RFE can take two to three  See more: ruby rails web service response types, receiving xml response, receive xml response, speciality occupation rfe approved, h1b rfe specialty occupation  Sep 21, 2017 specialty occupation; and (2) the Petitioner would engage the Beneficiary in an In response to the Director's request for evidence (RFE) and on appeal, the . To share some hope and show that there is chance to overcome a specialty occupation or wage level RFE, I'd like to share a recent approval that I helped one company secure this week. Explain the beneficiary's proposed duties and I just received RE on 27th June, Haven't submitted documents yet, but I had 2 questions: 1. 1 (Updated 9/20/17 ) Table of Contents . In the 2019 fiscal year, the GOH1B team predicts that the probability of receiving an RFE for your H1B application is 51%. petitioner to demonstrate that the position is a specialty occupation. Jan 26, 2019 Although the regulations are specific regarding the criteria for determining what qualifies as a specialty occupation, approval or denial often  Specialty occupation RFE: July 18th, 2018. Package received by USCIS: July 27th, 2018. NET Developer |. The prevailing wage level is based on the employer’s minimum requirements for the position. H1B speciality occupation 3. i don't really understand why USCIS is complaining after 140 approved. This means that one can be approved while the other is denied. The position is a specialty occupation. The headhunter informed me it seemed to related to company profile rather than mine. Many of the Requests for Evidence received by over 25% of H-1B petitions involve the question as to whether or not the position meets the criteria of a specialty occupation. Please use this Template for H1B Specialty Occupation Project Description with Percentages of duties for Dot Net Software Developer | . The qualifying degree of the applicant and that of the employer’s area of business should be the same. I received an RFE to prove that the proffered position is in fact a “specialty occupation” position. Focus is on speciality occupation: An H-1B visa is a temporary non-immigrant work visa for professional workers in speciality occupations, which require a minimum qualification of a bachelor's degree. H1B Visa Approved with Change of Status. I got RFE on March 29th, submitted evidence around speciality occupation, employer employee relation and a missing amendment. The regulations provide that in order to qualify as a specialty occupation, the petition must meet one of the 4 criteria: The petitioner has to submit proof showing that the particular occupation requires off-site performance. Do companies generally contest the denial? Or try applying again as a new H1b transfer request?More details:I haven’t left the old company so in H1b RFE regarding speciality occupation. HOW TO TACKLE H-1B EXTENSIONS IN THE NEW NO-DEFERENCE ERA? Published on October 30, 2017 October 30, 2017 • 14 Likes • 2 Comments 后2 天就收到rfe,而且是speciality occupation 的rfe,提供详细的job description, organizational chart 等。人家都说speciality occupation 的rfe 要求很高的,把我紧张坏了。那时就怕公司不给协助,我自己写那些本来该hr 写的材料,写的很详细。 由于律师爱拖拉,把我急死了。 Every year, a higher percentage of H-1B beneficiaries selected in the lottery receive an RFE this time of year instead of outright visa approval. Hi, My H1B extension with 2 RFE’s pending, I140 approved I am in a very critical stage in the H1B extension process. The median salary of beneficiaries of approved petitions remained at $70,000 for both FYs 2011 and 2012. A recent and troubling development in H-1B visa adjudication concerns wage levels for each occupation. NPZ Immigration Law Blog a bachelors degree for entry into the occupation and which also touches upon the wage level structure as a way of addressing the If you do receive a specialty occupation RFE, there are multiple ways to successfully address the RFE. Got deniel on June 29th starting it’s not a speciality occupation, as a CSE bachelor degree holder working as . A “specialty occupation” is defined as “an occupation that requires (a) theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge and (b) attainment of a bachelor’s or higher degree in the specific specialty (or its equivalent) as a minimum for entry into the occupation in the United States. The RFE is one way the immigration authorities confirm that the information in the petition is accurate, and supported by valid documentation. As per recent report from USCIS, the specialty occupation RFE and employer employee relationship are top reasons for H1B denial especially with IT consulting companies. Many extension petitions are being approved in my current company using the SOC 15-1142. I'm not in this situation thankfully. Before, an RFE … Continue reading "H1B Visa Requests for Evidence (RFE) are on the Rise" What are my options? I don’t yet know the reason for the rejection. 2nd premium petition by the new company was also denied after a RFE. The rfe was for specialty occupation. Request for Evidence, often referred to as an RFE, is a response made by the USCIS to your H-1B application. ), you can start working starting on or after H1B Visa start date as mentioned in the approval notice. To cover RFE 3. Top USCIS Reasons for H1B RFE, Specialty Occupation. Citizenship & Immigration Services, California Service Center, approved an on the position being a specialty occupation, which is a key H-1B requirement. We serve corporate and individual clients throughout the U. Good luck!! My case is little bit similar than your. Tech (CSE) in India and Masters in USA. Highlights and Trends from the H-1B Level 1 RFEs Submitted in Response to AILA’s Call for Examples III. State Road 84 #432 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33326 News Alert: H-1B Program Threatened by Level 1 Wage RFE Surge September 04, 2017 / Kristi Crawford Scores of H-1B cap-subject applicants and their employers breathed a collective sigh of relief this spring when USCIS began issuing receipt notices for lottery selected cases. Success! The H-1B extension was approved for a computer systems analyst despite the difficulties involved. H1B transfer denied due to Specialty Occupation. Occasionally, USCIS requires the applicants (company or individual) to provide additional information and supplement materials before approving their H1B visa — This is what is known as the RFE (Request for Evidence). Is your RFE approved? (1) USCIS is requesting evidence to prove that the offered position qualifies as a specialty occupation. Apr 10, 2018 The number of H-1B petitions approved in FY 2017 for workers . The current administration has imposed strict rules to abide by it. Is the Job Considered a Specialty Occupation? or her status in order for USCIS to approve a request for change of status to H-1B. Watch Fragomen Partner Cindy Jen as she discusses the nature of specialty occupation for  May 27, 2014 ISSUE: Specialty Occupation / Degree Issues Once Petitioner-Employer received the Request for Evidence (RFE) from the USCIS, our client . immigration. My attorney is all set to respond with the required documents. speciality occupation rfe approved

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